6 things you NEED to know before you self-publish

Design that actually freaking works​

​​Helping awesome entrepreneurs (like you!) ​get ​through to the people who need you.

​Yes, I said awesome entrepreneurs. You are, I just know it. But can your perfect-fit ​clients tell? 

Do they take one look at your ​book and know you're the one for them? Do they get that same delicious feeling (you know, the one they'll get when they work with you) from seeing your social media posts? Your opt-in? Your business card? Your ​website? And all of the other stuff that's ​representing you out there in the world​?

In short, is your design ​working for you?

​If it isn't, you know it. You're attracting the wrong kind of clients. The ones that don't value your expertise​; don't want to pay what you're ​worth; ​don't respect your time. Meanwhile, the ones who would love you to the moon and back ​are missing you. 

I'm Tracy, and I can help you fix that. I specialize in design that "gets" you, and "gets" your unique and magnificent brand.

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Work I've done for my superstar clients

​Let's work together!

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