Want the attention your expertise deserves?

Ditch the DIY frankenbrand.

If you wanna be seen as an expert, you've gotta look the part.
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What your competition has that you don't

All those competitors out there getting the attention you want, grabbing all the best clients, charging audacious rates even though they’re not as good as you? They’re not clinging to the animated carcass of a DIY frankenbrand. They look the part.

You’re the real expert, but they LOOK like someone that’s worth investing with - so they’re getting the clients. You know, the ones that come limping back to you a year later with no budget because they spent it all on some guru after saying they couldn’t afford you.

They WERE willing to spend money on a solution. 
Just not yours.

Ouch. Truth hurts, doesn't it?

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Here’s another one for you: you’re screwing people over by playing small.

All those people you could help? They can’t take you seriously - or even see you. You sound smart, but you don’t look like you’re any further along than they are, so of course they’re gonna question whether you can really help them.

Not to your face.

That damn frankenbrand talks about you behind your back.

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What if you actually showed up looking as expert as you are?

Imagine if you could:

Charge the rates you want.
Get more (& better) clients without having to work so damn hard to convince them.
Quit wasting time on price-sensitive tire-kickers.
Quit wasting money on ads that don't convert because you don't look like you're worth the investment.
Finally claim your authority & show up feeling and looking as totally freaking amazing as you are.
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Hi! I'm Tracy, and I'm here to take you from "oh honey, no" to "OMG yes please!"

I help visionary outsiders like you reach audacious new heights with a brand that helps people see you as the freaking amazing expert you are.
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Happy clients say:

  • "I was getting ready to release this book and I had no idea how to make it look as awesome as I wanted it to.  Even your very first drafts showed that you really get who I am and how to represent that visually. It was great! You came up with great concepts and ideas and made my book and worksheets SO MUCH BETTER than I ever would have on my own."
    Dr. Liz Powell
    Author, "Building Open Relationships"


  • "Since I hired Tracy, I have no more sleepless nights when it comes to ANYTHING about my brand. She is my brand guardian. Tracy gets me, my brand, and what my business is all about - and she's a genius when it comes to helping me communicate that value to my right clients."
    Lisa Robbin Young
    Author, "Creative Freedom: How to Own Your Dreams Without Selling Your Soul"


  • "I spent a lot of time trying to not just design an appealing cover but also produce interiors that look at least vaguely professional. This ended up causing a great deal of stress and lost productivity. Working with you was simple and easy. Everything looks excellent! I would definitely work with you again."
    Author, "I Got Her Number, Now What?"


Toss the templates and fire up your brand. 

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Not quite ready to go? 
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