Besides simplicity, you know what else works? Starting.

The other night I got home tired and cranky, head full of pressure, heart full of a powerful desire to curl up under a blanket, fire up some Netflix, and do my best impression of a bowl of jelly.

Not gonna lie - there was a blanket. There was Netflix. (I'm pretty sure Lucifer was made specifically for me.) But I had promised myself I would start on the interior design & layout of the project I was working on, so I also fired up InDesign. I figured I could at least flow the text in and start creating some of the styles.

Next thing I knew, I had missed a couple of episodes and the layout was probably 90% done.

That's the beauty of flow. You set the bar low: all you have to do is start. And you see what happens.

Sometimes you stay headachy and cranky, the work doesn't work, and everything is terrible. But sometimes, time slips away and you lose yourself in the work, and you feel better.

I don't always have an easy time knowing when I legitimately need to just shut it down. It usually seems like I should still have enough juice to do something. But once I start, it's pretty easy to tell: If it's time to work, flow takes over. If there's no flow, it's time to rest.

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