Snark Week

devastatingly snarky insights about design mistakes that make you look like an amateur

Is it safe to go in the water? 

(cue Jaws theme...)
It's time for Snark Week! It's a special time where I (with all the love in my heart) share devastatingly snarky insights about why a design isn’t working. You get to see firsthand how a designer thinks, what works (or doesn't) to give your stuff the feel you're after, and why people would rather stab themselves in the eye with a fork than look at your opt-in for another minute.

Or, you know, why they bounce instead of sticking around to get to know you better.

It’s not you. You have the know-how, you have the juice. You have what they need.

It’s just that you’re putting all that awesomeness into a package that looks like it was wrapped by a clumsy first-grader. Which may inspire feelings of “aww, isn’t that sweet” if you’re that first-grader’s mom, but it doesn’t exactly scream “pay me, I’m an expert”.

I'm here to help you look like an expert that gets paid.

Feeling a little called-out? Provoked? Intrigued?

Tune in for Snark Week.

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