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September 10, 2019

How to create a month’s worth of Instagram content in a couple of hours

Everyone on Instagram knows that the key to visibility is creating consistent, quality content. Yeah?

The more people that see your posts, the easier it is to grow your following (with REAL people). The bigger your following, the more new leads you generate. And new leads are how you and grow your business.

Plus, you get to grow your network by connecting with all kinds of other awesome entrepreneurs.

Growing your Instagram following is a total gamechanger - if you actually do it.

That’s why posting regularly is so crucial. When you keep showing up with great content, people start to notice. They start to recognize you They like you. And hey, you keep delivering great stuff, so now they trust you. Guess who they’re going to think of when they have a problem you solve?

You might think creating great posts is a giant time suck. But it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, one of my awesome clients just cranked out a month of Instagram posts in under 2 hours. The whole month, DONE. In less than 2 hours. How amazing does that feel?

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s Lisa:

“When I first got on Insta, I was excited about being able to create bite-sized content that would help grow my business. I have a podcast and a webshow, and I knew that a visual medium would make it easier for my content to stand out. Not long after I started posting I ran into a problem.

“I couldn’t keep up with my publishing schedule. I was spending hours inside Canva, looking for templates I could tailor to my brand, and then hours more tweaking them to get the content just right. It could take me all day just to create 3 or 4 Instagram posts.  

“Now, I’m not a gifted graphic designer like Tracy, but I know a thing or two about visual composition. Canva’s templates were pretty limited and they weren’t exactly on brand. So not only was I spending a LOT of time on this, I was also watering down my branding!

“Not cool.

“I have a business to run. I didn’t need to be spending all day “playing with pretty pictures”. And then I still needed to get them up on Instagram. Even if I delegated it to my team, I’d need to write some copy and give them directions. 

“This whole thing was a huge time suck for me. My Instagram feed started looking like a ghost town. Maybe I’d post a couple of times a month. Mostly, I just ignored it because it was just too frustrating.

“Eventually I did what any smart business owner does. I stopped trying to do it all myself. I reached out to Tracy, who suggested her Simply Social Branding as a possible solution.

“I was excited about having templates that were on brand, but would it REALLY help me save that much time? 

“Two words: HELLZ YEAH!

“Here are a few of the templates Tracy designed for my instagram feed:

“Now I had something that I would work with (instead of PLAY with!)

“The templates are so easy to work with. I just change the text and I’m good to go. I can even swap out the photos if I want. 

“I use the leopard print templates for quotes, which are much easier to generate.  I pulled out a list of quotes I’d been saving and just started typing. In less than an hour, I had 22 posts ready to go. 

“That’s almost an entire month of content. But I didn’t stop there. I hopped into the show template and created all the posts for the first 10 episodes of my new season. I even had time to create the audiogram images. That’s another 20 images in less than an hour!

“So in about 90 minutes, I had 42 images locked and loaded into my Google drive. Then, I uploaded them to my scheduler and created the posts. More than a month’s worth of content in under 2 hours.

“Mind. BLOWN.”

Me again:

Lisa's story isn't unusual. Most people have a hard time posting consistently on Instagram because it’s just too freaking time-consuming to create content that gets seen and cuts through the noise. With Simply Social Branding, I help you create a consistent branded presence that will help you stand out. It’ll make content creation faster and easier.

But does a branded presence really matter? Well, here’s what my client said about that:

“I’ve been consistently posting 4-7 times every week since I started using the templates. Not only is my follower count up 8% in the first month, but my engagement rate is also higher. People have reached out to buy my book, schedule consults, and more. That’s more traction than I’ve EVER seen since I started on Instagram.”

Woohoo! There you have it. A branded, consistent presence definitely makes a HUGE difference. I’m crazy excited for Lisa, and I’d love it if you were my next success story!

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