Ditch the fugly frankenbrand.

You're an expert. Isn't it about freaking time you looked like one?
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A solopreneur starter brand cobbled together from templates, DIY, cheap logo design, and a buttload of determination.

It’s alive, through the sheer power of your energy. It’s gotten you this far. But you need a better monster for your next evolution.

Signs you have a frankenbrand:

You're amazing at what you do, but you're not recognized as an expert.
You have the experience. You know what you're doing. You've written the book(s), developed the intellectual property, and honed in on the process that transforms your clients' lives, but somehow recognition is still an uphill battle.
You feel like you can't charge premium rates even though you're worth it.
You're attracting too many price-sensitive tire-kickers and not enough of the kind of clients that can hardly wait to whip out their wallets because they KNOW you're the one to help them.

Worse yet, you keep seeing people who don't have a tenth of your awesomeness charging more than you do and seeming to have all the success. 
People hire you and then question your advice or don't even take it.
PITA cients hire you (for less than you want to charge) and still don't recognize your expertise. They don't take your advice and get the kind of results you know you can deliver. But they'll listen to any old rando on Facebook telling them something different.
People download your freebie but they don't buy.
And let's be honest, you know your freebie kinda looks like the office intern designed it in Word. Your ideas are solid, but your visuals don't convey the value of what you have to offer. 
You know you've outgrown your "starter brand" but you don't know how to fix it.
You'd love to put out content that looks consistent, unique, and as awesomely pro as you are, but you don't know how to get there from here. You're tired of fighting so damn hard for attention and you know you need a brand upgrade to level up. 

Sound familiar? Let's talk!

yes please!

Hi! I'm Tracy, and I'm here to help you leave the frankenbrand frustrations behind.

I help solopreneurs like you level up with a brand that positions you as the expert you are.
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Happy clients say:

  • "I was getting ready to release this book and I had no idea how to make it look as awesome as I wanted it to.  Even your very first drafts showed that you really get who I am and how to represent that visually. It was great! You came up with great concepts and ideas and made my book and worksheets SO MUCH BETTER than I ever would have on my own."
    Dr. Liz Powell
    Author, "Building Open Relationships"


  • "Since I hired Tracy, I have no more sleepless nights when it comes to ANYTHING about my brand. She is my brand guardian. Tracy gets me, my brand, and what my business is all about - and she's a genius when it comes to helping me communicate that value to my right clients."
    Lisa Robbin Young
    Author, "Creative Freedom: How to Own Your Dreams Without Selling Your Soul"


  • "I spent a lot of time trying to not just design an appealing cover but also produce interiors that look at least vaguely professional. This ended up causing a great deal of stress and lost productivity. Working with you was simple and easy. Everything looks excellent! I would definitely work with you again."
    Author, "I Got Her Number, Now What?"


Toss the templates and level up your brand. 

let's do this

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