Hi! I'm Tracy,​ your new favorite designer.​

That is, if you like snarky, introverted nerds who love books, animals, and Star Trek, and oh, yeah - good design that freaking works.

I’ve been an artist all my life, and a professional graphic designer for over 20 years. I’ve worked with a LOT of businesses to help them match their brand and design, from print to digital.

I'm here because I’ve seen way too many business owners make the same mistake - thinking that design is decoration, and that looking nice is its only job.


Looking nice is great, but it isn’t the most important thing good design does. Good design conveys, in whatever precious seconds of attention you have to work with, exactly what your perfect-fit people need to know in order to make the decision to take the next step toward working with you.

​Design that just looks pretty (without asking the strategic questions about what it's for) is a giant waste of money. Seriously, if you hate your money that much, just set it on fire. At least you won't be wasting time, which is a lot harder to come by.

​But if you're looking to build a brand you love​ & that loves you back, and own your weirdness​ in a way that has your dream clients falling in love with you, that's where I come in.

I work with clients like you to help you figure out what you truly need to communicate - why you’re the only option for the right people - and design your book, your marketing, and your brand presence to convey that message so you can build the business you love, work with the people you’re meant to help, and bring your brilliance to the world.

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I'm a weird introvert.
This is as social as I get.
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