3 good things, it's been a while edition

April 28, 2021
  1. Experimenting. I'm experimenting with how I spend my mornings and how/when I send out emails. It's scary to experiment, especially when you've been doing things the same way for a long time. What can go wrong? (Probably not as much as you think, but there's a risk. You might not like the results of whatever it is you decide to try.)
  2. Iterating. This is the beauty. Don't like the results? Tweak the effort. See what works.
  3. Publishing the imperfect. I'm not always great about this. I'd rather start a lot of projects than finish one. But if you don't publish, there's no result. There's no data to tell you what worked and what didn't. There's nothing to iterate.

Let's finish something this week.

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