3 good things, customer service edition

March 8, 2021

Yesterday my husband opened a couple of packages of undershirts we ordered for curbside pickup at Kohl's. One 7-pack was great. Just right.

The other one was a real WTF moment. Neither of us noticed till that moment, but the package had been opened. And instead of 7 shirts in the right size, it had 1 that was too small and 3 that looked like they'd fit him like a dress.

I was braced for a hassle. I didn't get one. It took a few minutes to get an agent on chat on the website, and they're refunding the wonky package. We don't even have to return it.

Talk about great service. It isn't always about doing everything right the first time. I mean yeah, that would be great, but we all screw up. Fixing a screw-up is another opportunity to shine. And they did.

Anyone need a couple of 5XL undershirts?

  1. Kohl's. I already kinda loved them for the J Lo clothes.
  2. Curbside pickup.
  3. Great service experiences, or even just good ones.

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