3 good things, body functions edition

March 22, 2021

I never expected to be in a place where people would be so proud of me for farting.

Turns out that post-anesthesia, hospital nurses are watching for your body functions to start returning to normal. So I had this conversation multiple times:

"Have you had a bowel movement yet?"


"Well, have you started passing gas?"


"Oh, good!!!"

As always, I tell you because I need to hear it: Celebrate every little thing that's going well. EVERY LITTLE THING. No matter how small or stinky.

  1. Getting to live in a reasonably well-functioning body.
  2. Holding down food - that's a whole other story, but let's just say anesthesia and I do not love each other and I hope we don't have cause to meet again for a long time.
  3. Having the support of the wonderful people I've managed to surround myself with. The pure dumb luck of getting a great family, and of the friends I've found since.

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